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5 Key Steps for the perfect collaboration with an Influencer

You are a brand and you want to gain notoriety, or to ensure that as many people as possible are aware of the launch of your latest product? There is no better way than working with an influencer to gain visibility! Whether it’s an Instagram collaboration, a Youtube product placement or a Twitter partnership … This operation must be as qualitative as possible!

Apply my  tips by following 5 milestones:


Step # 1: Reflect on the project

Before you even contact the influencer, you need to think about your project. A beautiful collaboration is a collaboration in the image of your brand that will make the final rendering looks like you and you like it.

Determine the social network on which you want the collaboration to appear. Ask yourself, which format is the most appropriate? A video presentation on Youtube or a story on Snapchat?


Step # 2: Identify the criteria for successful collaboration

Thinking the project is also thinking of who it is for! For collaboration to be beautiful and successful, it must be consistent. So be sure to identify some of the criteria that the audience you want to reach must meet.

For example, if a makeup brand wants to promote the release of a new product, its criteria will be those of an audience mainly composed of women, who is interested in makeup … The company will therefore turn more naturally to a Youtubeuse specialized in makeup tutorials only to a high-tech fan Instagrammer to make a collaboration.


Step # 3: Writing a Brief

Once you have a clear idea about the rendering you want, you have to put it in writing. This brief that you have written will then be sent to the influencer to understand your expectations and the spirit of your brand. This step therefore allows the influencer not to engage in a collaboration with a brand that he does not feel close to and that he could not embody the spirit.

It is not because an influencer meets some fairly basic criteria (those of step # 2) that it is necessarily the one you need! The success of a partnership often stems from a compatibility between the influencer and the company that the public can perceive. It is not uncommon to see influencers get out of their “favorite field” by approaching topics, via a new angle, out of their usual editorial line.


Step # 4: Setting up the collaboration

After getting the answers of a few influencers in your brief, you can identify the ideal influencer. Be careful not to impose too much on him: he must also take ownership of the project, that you accept his suggestions, what he plans to do. A collaboration is not one-way, the influencer can include creative ideas that you would not necessarily have thought.


Step # 5: Evaluate your success and try to keep in touch with the influencer!

Because a beautiful collaboration is not only a collaboration that has allowed you to achieve simple economic goals, but also to develop a relationship of loyalty with the influencer!


Now that you have all the keys to make a qualitative collaboration with an influencer, get started!


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