How can a chatbot help your e-commerce site?

While chatbot is always more popular, all trades are looking into whether using a conversational agent would be relevant on their website.

The question arises especially for e-merchants, for whom the experience offered to the customer on the site is more than decisive.

An infographic (see below) Market Inspector studies precisely the potential of chatbots for commercial sites.



The help of the chatbot throughout the customer journey

The infographic shows how a chatbot can serve your e-commerce site at each stage of the customer journey.

Arrival on the site

While your potential customer reaches one of your landing pages, the chatbot can be doubly useful:

  • He can send a welcome message to the visitor to introduce the conversation;
  • He can direct it to a specific page according to his request.

This can have a beneficial impact on your bounce rate: users arriving on a new site sometimes feel a little lost, which can prompt them to leave immediately. By welcoming them and guiding them, you limit this risk.

Product search

As an e-commerce, you must be familiar with the concept of cart abandonment. If it is possible to relaunch customers leaving the site before having paid, the ideal is still to guard against it to reduce the phenomenon.

And a chatbot can help you there:

  • First, by making product suggestions based on the customer’s needs;
  • But also by promoting certain products or offering coupons to get conversions.

Seeking Advice and Help

Once a product hits the eye of your customer, the customer will probably look for additional information to support their choice.

Again, the chatbot is in the game:

  • He can answer himself, in a standardized way, to the simple questions that the visitor can ask himself;
  • It can redirect the customer to a competent person (customer service manager …) in case of more complex request.

Now the way is free for your customer to make a purchase.

After the purchase

Once the payment is confirmed, your work is not done: getting feedback from your customers is very important, not only to improve you, but also to be able to show positive reviews about your products – online shoppers rely on it Very much.

The chatbot can offer buyers suggestions, remarks or even complaints.


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The added value of a chatbot for an e-commerce site

If a conversational agent will never replace a real relationship with a human, the chatbot has some advantages that can significantly improve your customer support:

  • First, the robot can interact with many visitors, 24 hours a day;
  • He can ask qualifying questions to identify the most serious prospects and generate leads;
  • Finally, it carries out a targeted follow-up of the most suitable prospects to be transformed.


Chatbots have a future

According to the infographic, 80% of the companies will have adopted a form of automation based on chatbots by 2020.

And for good reason: 47% of users would be willing to buy products directly to a conversational agent.


To learn more, take a look at the computer graphics:



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