Canva 2.0: the tool to facilitate the creation of attractive and modern visuals

” When we want we can “. This phrase impressed me a lot when I started creating visuals for social networks. Why ? Because I finally found a way to create cool visuals with the tool named Canva. Finish the galley of Photoshop and all other software difficult to master for beginners. (Good news at last)

Everything is possible with Canva, especially with this new version all in beauty that has just been released in beta test.

Follow me, I explain all this in details …


Why Canva 2.0?

You have probably tested Canva 1.0, the classic version. Well, the creators of Canva have implemented version 2.0 to gather all the needs of graphic designers with one click. (Or magic wand if you want, there will be no Cinderella on the other hand)

If you use the classic version, you can test Canva 2.0 for free just by changing the option. The advantage of Canva 2.0 is that it is more complete than the old version. Several visual formats are available on the latter.

It is a well thought out renewal which leaves us free to all our creativities. (Who says more creativity, says more business so it’s great)


The battle: Canva 1.0 Vs Canva 2.0

Before choosing your side, I want to say that both versions are all great. However version 2.0 is still in beta test. So, do not delete anything and keep all your content.

Note that the creations you make on the classic version remain editable on this new version. Visuals created on Canva 2.0 are only editable on Canva 2.0. There is no way to do the opposite, it is not possible …



What else can be done with Canva 2.0?

All ! Absolutely everything … And it’s not a joke. Indeed, with this new version, you will have the possibility to create all the following visuals:

  • Flyers
  • Magazine cover
  • Certificate
  • Yearbook
  • Custom wallpaper
  • Wattpad Book Cover
  • Photocollage
  • CD Cover
  • Label
  • Cover photo for Facebook event
  • Linkedin Banner
  • Twitter header
  • Logo
  • Etsy shop cover
  • Etsy shop icon
  • And even calendars!

In terms of formats, you can adapt your visuals according to your desires, whether in pixel, mm, cm or in. You can zoom and view your creation as much as possible on the tool. Just click on the “view” button and it will be up to you to play.



Cherry on the cake: Magic Resize and Transparent Background

Yes, you read it! It’s quite possible to get these options out there on Canva 2.0, as long as you subscribe to the paid version of $ 25.90 / month. You will have 30 days of free trial (you must still enter your credit card details before trying it).

Magic Resize allows you to quickly transform your visual formats on other platforms. For example, adapt a Facebook visual for Pinterest …



Thus finished clipping galleys to obtain a transparent background. Get clean cut and ready visuals with this option. This will save you more time when creating visuals …

You can also link your applications to Canva 2.0 by clicking on the “apps” button at the bottom left of your screen. For example, add gifs, fonts, and other professional-quality images to your creative. For sure, you will love it!

When will you use Canva 2.0?

Feel free to give me your opinion in comments! 🙂


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