6 tools to analyze the performance of its competitors on social networks

By analyzing the performance of your competitors on social networks, you have a benchmark to measure your own performance. Depending on the results obtained, you adapt your strategy accordingly.

To help you perform this competitive intelligence, here are 6 tools to observe your competitors on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

1.    Fanpage Karma


With Fanpage Karma you can analyze competing Facebook pages. This tool has many features to discover: the number of fans of competitors, their engagement rate, their daily or monthly reach, the number of publications per day, their posts having attracted the most commitment, active fans common, etc.

In addition, you have the ability to set up alerts that inform you as soon as one of your competitors publishes content.


2.    MakeMeStats


The MakeMeStats tool allows you to analyze the presence of your competitors on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. The analyzes tell you about their number of fans, the people who talk about it, their engagement rate, and so on.

MakeMeStats offers a very special feature to associate the statistics obtained with events. If you notice that a post published by one of your competitors generates a very strong engagement rate, you have the possibility to process the data in the form of events and thus establish a link between the marketing actions of the competition and its statistical performance.


3.    Riffle


With the Chrome Riffle extension, in one click, you get all the statistics on any Twitter account.

You discover the Klout score of your competitors, the tools used to publish tweets, the hashtags they use the most, etc. You also get information about their community.


4.    LikeAlyzer


The free tool LikeAlyzer allows you to analyze the Facebook pages of your competitors using key performance indicators (engagement rate, number of likes, number of publications per day, length of publications , etc.). You have a complete report that allows you to quickly get an idea of the positive or negative results your competitors are getting, to compare you rightly


5.    Simply Measured


Very comprehensive, SimplyMeasured is aimed primarily at SMEs and marketing agencies. This tool offers very comprehensive data from analyzes done on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

In addition to revealing key indicators, such as the engagement rate, reach and evolution of the community, it presents the latest social media trends and a ranking of influencers in your industry.


6.    PicStats


The PicStats Watch Tool allows you to analyze competing Instagram accounts. With it, you see the number of daily posts of any company, its number of followers, its “likes” and comments, as well as the hashtags generating the most interactions. You can also access their most recent publication.


By relying on one of these tools, the performance of your competitors will have no secret for you. You can then adapt your editorial line to exceed them or, if it is already the case, strengthen your position.


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