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10 free WordPress templates to create optimized landing page

The landing page is one of the most important sales tools on your website.

They allow you to direct users to a targeted point of sale that meets their specific needs.

Unlike a home page, which aims to concisely showcase everything your brand can offer, landing pages capture prospects with a higher buying intention, that is, users ready to convert.

Each ad campaign you run must result in a landing page designed for conversion.

Similarly, organic search highlighting a specific purchase intent should help optimize landing pages or product / service pages.

The design of a landing page is an art in itself, and you will have to respect certain things in order to convert users.

In this article, I will introduce you to 10 of the best free landing page templates available on the web for all business lines and conversion goals.


#1: Hestia

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First, I present Hestia which is a versatile WordPress theme.

So you can create a whole website for free with this theme.

With Hestia, you can quickly create product/service pages and landing pages using one of the leading drag-and-drop creative plugins.

If you want an all-in-one theme for creating a complete site and adding optimized landing pages, choose Hestia.

In addition, this theme is completely free, so do not hesitate a second.


#2: Shapely

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Shapely is another free and versatile WordPress theme, which comes from the Colorlib collection.

It is more suited to B2B companies that are service oriented.

It has an elegant design with minimal layouts that emphasize the visual elements.

It comes with a one-page layout, ideal for landing pages and websites with only one page.

Although this theme is more for B2B and service companies, it integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, allowing you to sell products directly from your landing page.

#3: Camp Land

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Camp Land is a Leadpages landing page template.

Therefore, even if the template itself is free, you must be a customer at Leadpages to use it.

If you build landing pages to sell products, Leadpages is a good option because it integrates with Stripe and various e-commerce platforms.

You also have a complete library of landing pages for products.

With Leadpages, the focus is on maximizing conversions.

Each template comes with a dedicated space for a value proposition title and tools to create a sense of urgency, scarcity and other incentives to make your CTAs irresistible.


#4: Dinomuz

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Dinomuz is a bold and bright landing page template from Colorlib, built on the Bootstrap framework.

Behind the attractive colors, everything is pure minimalism with plenty of space, elegant font choices and a subtle color contrast that guides users’ eyes to the most important parts of your landing page.

Create a compelling message and insert your content into this template and click the “Publish” button.

Your offer will then be beautifully presented and read without effort.

Even if you have no design skills, you will not go wrong with this model if you know how to make a convincing offer.


#5: Freddo

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Freddo is another versatile WordPress theme coming from

This one is designed to help you create one-page web sites without using a page builder or external plugin.

Just create everything from the theme itself and publish your landing page or site when you’re ready.

Freddo is fully compatible with WooCommerce, allowing you to create product landing pages or simple eCommerce stores.

You can also create a blog page to improve your search engine rankings, generate leads and promote your products/services.


#6: eCourse / Online Training Landing Page

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This is a landing page template for Leadpages online courses / online training – so you need to register again to access Laedpages.

If promoting e-learning materials is at the heart of your business or marketing goals, it’s a small price to pay for access to Leadpages templates specifically optimized for online courses and online training.

You can easily upload your introductory video directly into the template, create your titles, and use CTA’s two-step design to turn visitors into viewers (and, more importantly, subscribers).


#7: MobApp

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If you’re looking for a free landing page template for your mobile app version, take a look at Colorlib’s MobApp.

It includes all the sleek design elements of the Apple page designs and the App Store that people are used to.

n the absence of distraction, your mobile application occupies a central place in this design and allows you to work with a number of CTA and subscription options.

Excellent if your app includes an option where people have to pay monthly.

You can also add testimonials, FAQs, and other features to increase engagement and increase conversions with many A / B tests.


#8: Orfeo

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Orfeo is a versatile WordPress theme from for small businesses as well as online businesses.

It is designed to serve as a landing page or theme template with a single page, although if you want, you can add more pages to create a more complex site structure.

E-commerce integrations allow you to easily create pages and product sections to sell articles or digital downloads without using a dedicated page builder.


#9: VarelaCode

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VerelaCode is a Leadpages dual acceptance landing page template that you can show to people who have decided to join your mailing list.

This allows you to explain exactly what they need to do to confirm their information and make sure they receive all promised benefits back from their email address.

This reduces the number of incorrect email addresses added to your list and the number of failed mailings, which is important for any email marketing strategy.

Again, this template is free, but you must be a Leadpages customer to access it.

In return, you get a library of landing page templates designed with specific conversion goals.


#10: BBS

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BBS is a landing page template that you can also use for single-page websites as well as start-up businesses.

This free model has quite the look to qualify as high-end design.

It gives you a platform to quickly create landing pages that catch the eye and give you the best chance of converting users with highly sophisticated messages.

Nobody will think you’ve used a free template to promote your product or service, and that’s exactly what we want in this article.


Free models are not necessarily bad qualities

Designing a landing page is something to take very seriously and conversion optimization is a long-term goal.

However, it is important to quickly set up a landing page that is strong enough to reach those early goals.

You have plenty of time to refine your pages and increase conversions over time, but these free landing page templates will get you started without harming your brand.


If you need to have a custom page, create a website from scratch or a redesign, let’s be in touch.

And check my work here 🙂



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