Project Director & Community Builder

Matt Astarita

Building eCommerce Stores, SaaS platforms, Online Marketplaces and Business showroom thinking about your Community

Working with entrepreneurs during the development stages of the product and building together the brand identity and community.

hWeb development 

The right ideas, execution, and people can create something special.

With a passion for eCommerce and SaaS development, especially marketing softwares and marketplaces, I can help you select a perfect technology, write scope and User Stories and start building your website.

My approach is finding a way to build MVP in few weeks and provide the first release for user testing. Running short sprint of development will give you a better visibility on your product and roadmap to be prepared for your launch. My main goal:  build successful projects

aCommunity vision 

One of the most essential elements of launching a successful online business is having a built-in community eager to engage with it. 

Startups that succeed and grow exponentially have a strong, loyal following. This makes building a community before launching an absolute must. From planning to giving your community purpose to rally behind, your prelaunch efforts are in many ways more important than what comes after launch.

I am here to guide in this process meanwhile we are working on your product. 

Let’s review your business needs together

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About me

Building community in the same time as websites/marketplace or software is what I do. If you don’t have anybody to use your product, then you built something for nothing right?

Based in Barcelona, I co-founded MeltinLab which is an event series structured with monthly workshops and 2 summits per year featuring a community of Entrepreneurs and Startups.


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